Entrepreneur.com’s 8 Ways to Offer Stellar Customer Service without any Cost

Entrepreneur.com recently published an article detailing 8 ways to offer customer service without incurring any cost. We thought these were great tips that are especially relevant to those working in the Real Estate industry. We read through these tips and would like to present our own summary! Without further adieu:

Make Customers your Top Priority

Given our industry, this is of utmost importance. We should strive to formulate, present and execute satisfactory resolutions for our customers as they arise, regardless of the client’s budget. Reputation remains one of the strongest influences in selecting a realtor and the best way to build/maintain a reputation is to make customers our top priority at all times.

Put yourself in your Customers’ Shoes

Empathize with our customers and aim to provide resolutions to issues in a manner that will satisfy the client you are working with. Our customers do not want to hear why it took so long to accomplish something, they just want it taken care of. Instead of using your time to tell a story to C.Y.A., brainstorm a resolution to whatever issue you are dealing with.

Remain Calm

Stress is unbecoming and cooler heads always prevail. When the feelings of stress creep into your mind take a step away from whatever situation you find yourself in. Calm your heart rate and breathing before you re-entering the situation. Our clients are usually emotional and can be defensive. Try to remove the emotion from the situation and listen attentively to our client’s grievance and reassure them before seeking out a satisfactory resolution.

Practice Effective Listening

Listen to the entirety of what a customer has to say. Do not cut them off and make assumptions about how they are going to finish their thoughts. Eliminate distractions (phone, computer, etc.) and convey to your customers that you are paying attention by maintaining eye contact and nodding occasionally as they speak. Ask clarifying questions after your customer is done speaking to ensure that both of you are on the same page.

Respond in a Timely Manner

Return customer calls and emails as soon as possible but always within 48 hours. Treat every interaction with a customer as a time sensitive matter that much be addressed. No matter how trivial a client’s interaction may be, responding to them to let them know that you received the message and are paying attention to them can go a long way to providing the customer with assurance that you are doing everything you can for them.

Take Responsibility

When you make a mistake, own it! Acknowledge the error you made and do not attempt to lie or deceive a customer. Offering a sincere apology can be a powerful gesture that helps to build you up in your client’s estimation.

Don’t Wait for a Crisis

Every real estate transaction is a little bit different but in general, use your experience to try your best to pre-empt the crises that can arise. Do your due diligence thoroughly and be aware of possible issues that a transaction might have.

Go Above and Beyond

Under promise and over deliver. Focus on the areas that your client identifies as the most important and be sure to deliver on those items. Do your best to anticipate problems and avoid common mistakes that can detract from your client’s experience.

Thank you for taking the time to read our summary of Entrepreneur.com’s fabulous article. Do you have any other ways that you strive to offer stellar customer service without any extra costs? Please share and discuss!


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